Offended Im Feeling Lucky

"Offended." Go ahead, type the innocent word onto Google and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky." Go ahead, I'll wait. . . Dude! Holy shit! Did you see that one chick?! Wh- What was she doing? And HOW? Is that even possible?

 All from the convenience of your own home!


The perpetuator of all evil.

Just The Facts

  1. Diarrhea can defy the laws of gravity its self.
  2. Either Ugly-Alien-Baby-Red-Raisin-Eyes-Syndrome exists, or this is photoshopped.
  3. A mans anal's cavity opening can be stretched to at least six inches in diameter under severe crowbar-induced stress
  4. It seems people can vomit their own testicles out.
  5. Blue waffle. Many. Many. Blue waffle.

Sodomizer, Brutalizer, I'm a- I'm a- Analizer

Keep in mind, you will see some of the most brutal things on this site, such things that should be illegal. Like what you may ask? Like maybe, just maybe, seeing a male genitalia with a body piercing so brutal it reaches the extremity of the head being split apart by a thick needle. What else? Well, perhaps, maybe a probability of, oh just you're average vagina exploding with Gonorrhea. No, really, I mean literally exploding. How do "they" snap these pictures? I do not know (And also, who is "they"?). Maybe with ten years of intense studying at the Hard Working Slave Photography School in an underground chamber of sorcery, and a superior understanding of Gonorrhea in the female anatomy, just maybe, if all the planets align and the mercury levels in Mt. Diarrhea Syphilis rises to 666% and engages in a miniscule blast on the level 3 in the threshold of STD Hell, just maybe, you can snap that picture in that exact, specific moment.

Of course, some people might find it enjoyable. There is the exceptional picture of a naked anime girl with, i wanna say about three sets of breasts, all lactating at the same time while the second girl is drinking the milk.

Other than that, I mean BRUTAL pictures. I mean people being hung by their scalps, but their skin wasn't strong enough, so their skull broke in half at the eyes and brain matter everywhere broke into strands. Tortured alien babies. Disease infested vaginas, vaginal cavities being eaten alive by the infestation of its diseases, female genitalia exploding with sexually transmitted diseases, oh yes, did we also mention blue waffles. Lots and lots of them.

There are other, let me say, strange, pictures of people performing the act of a bowel movement in other peoples mouths, with the captions "roofle. owned. scrub." WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

I won't send you guys the link, because what I mentioned are merely the weaker images. If I sent you the link, Cracked would probably hate me, and I don't want them to because. . . I love to blow it. Yes, you get it.