MArijuana: Evil Weed Or Miracle Drug?

Weed man lemme tell ya its great makes me want to make a cheesy typical shady sounding intro.

Here we see

Obviously its weed purple kind because colored weed is so cool man you'll be like one cool cat.

Just The Facts

  1. Weed is green
  2. Weed gets you high
  3. Bobby Brown is border weed

Weed is cool and all but......

Weed is a great plant and was demonized most of its known forray into the people of the world and still is. Ganja, marijauna, kush, bobby brown, shwag, green, izzle, and all the other cheesy names for it are just bullshit used to increase sales. All weed should be green and get you high/medicated if you wanna bullshit. Mary jane has its medical uses but admitidly they are few and far between, although its not harmful its not going to make your average joe into a healthy top noch athlete. You smoke weed to get you high and although all stoners/weedies will disagree medical maijauna is a fucking ridiculous prospect for most people, however weed can be a fun safe recreational drug/herb. Weed is less harmful than tobaco but still contains carcinogens when burnt. Most weedies will disagree but the evidence is extremely clear they need but look at the glass pipe infront of them. Resin which is just built up tar-ish material left behind from burn weed it is dark black and looks like crude oil. Yeah where's your excuse now bitches. But of course the inevitable denial of all this is present as it is everywhere in this type of affair. I am not against weed but people need to stop the bullshit. I am a medical cannabis patient in colorado I benefeit from one of this herbs actual known effects i.e) increased cannabinoids. I suffer from a chemical imbalance which results in low cannabinoids and depression. Thats all I got feel free to disagree. Just remember opinions are kind of like assholes everyone has one and most people are one.