2010 Review

A review of the funniest,wackiest and strangest things that have happened to you or somebody you know within the year. Situations that made u cringe, laugh or run crying back to your room.Special mentions for extreme badassness and douchebaggery

dont try this at home

Just The Facts

  1. the event or situation you write about should have happened within this year
  2. lets keep it real

Reviewing 2010 the cracked way

I think i have had the shittest introduction to the new year in the history of man. It all began on the dawn of the new year. I was hanging out with a couple of friends at a new year's street carnival when i caught my girlfriend kissing another guy. We hadnt had any quarrels before that day and i had no idea it was coming. It turns out she had been seeing this douchebag for some time now. That event was one of the lowest points in my life because i thought me and this girl had something special(dont we all). Dont think i have ever had a wprse experience