Horn Rimmed Glasses

Horn Rimmed Glasses are eyeglasses with wide rims made from horn, turtle shell, or plastic. From, 1955-1965, they looked cool. Now, they just make you look like a hipster(see chart). They are cursed(see below).

THe Guide to wearing Horn Rimmed Glasses

Just The Facts

  1. They are usually made from plastic.
  2. They were cool once.
  3. Bad things happen to people who wear them.

The Curse

Horn Rimmed Glasses are probably cursed. For example,

Pictured: Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), and his running mate, Senator Hornrim (R-AZ)

Take Barry Goldwater, who had this happen to him when he ran for President:


Or maybe Buddy Holly, whose died in a plane crash.

And hipster get their asses kicked all the time. So, basically, don't wear horn rims.