Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint is an English actor best known for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series. He is less known for the stuff he did in between the Harry Potter movies because it doesn't matter. He's Ron-fucking-Weasley.

Pictured: Not the star of the movie.

Proving the skinny tie hasn't looked good since the '80s.

We also found a picture of him in this really gay suit. Fashion is not his forte.

Just The Facts

  1. He's RON-fucking-WEASLEY.
  2. In ten years you will only know him as "That kid who played Ron in the Harry Potter movies".
  3. He's freckle dicked and richer than you ever will be.


Rupert was born in Harlow, Essex in 1988 to mother Joanne Grint and father Nigel Grint, who undoubtedly won the award for "Most English Sounding Name" at some point in his life. He was cast as Ron Weasley at 12 and had only acted in school plays before his big break. He got the job by sending a video of himself dressed as his female drama teacher performing a rap about Ron Weasley.


Despite the soulless nature of ginger children, Rupert is a very successful actor and is frequently praised for his "realism" on film and stage. We can only assume he has learned to mimic the actions of his four non-ginger siblings.

In between the Potter films Rupert took roles in Thunderpants, Driving Lessons, Cherrybomb, and Wild Target with Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy (not the science guy). His net worth is around $50 mil. and he's only 22. We'll wait for you to stop repeatedly smashing your head into the wall to continue.

... is not responsible for any injuries incurred while reading this article.
Anyway, yes, in less than ten years this kid has made more money than your boss can hope to see in HIS lifetime. Kind of puts life in perspective.

It's not all good though. He does have one of the most creepy-weird obsessed fan clusters on the internet. Don't believe us? Try here and
here, or just do a google search. There is no shortage of fansites, pictures, videos, tributes or girls referring to him as "my love", "my man", and "my boyfriend". Don't even attempt to read a fanfic, unless you're into homoerotic wizard love. In that case, we highly recommend them.

He's also stated that he's never had the chance to have a serious girlfriend (evidently he doesn't do google searches on himself often). Although we can't imagine how much poon gets thrown at him. Probably a lot, most of it being underaged and lonely.