Donovan McNabb

Donovan Mcnabb is, statiscally speaking, the greatest Quarterback the Philadelphia Eagles have ever known. Unfortunately the city of Philidelphia could not care less. You really have to learn to live in the now.

This is what winning looks like.

Just The Facts

  1. Donovan McNabb was drafted second overall in the 1999 NFL college draft amidst the boos of those who thought Ricky Williams was the way of the future.
  2. During his tenure with the Eagles he set the team record for every relevant statistic for his position: Pass attempts, pass completions, touchdowns ,passing yards, career wins.
  3. Not enough. The good people of Philidelphia live and die by a modest crede:" What have you done for us lately?"
  4. Apparently Chunky Soup commercials do not endear yourself to rabid fans who only want Super Bowl rings.

From the top to the bottom to the top.

McNabb was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999 following a record setting college career with Syracuse University. After years of being a bottom feeder in their division, Philly fans recoiled at the second overall pick of McNabb over that of Ricky "Cheech" Williams. Of course why would they need a quarterback after the loss of Randall Cunningham and the adequate yet injury prone Rodney Peete? I mean, when you have the likes of superstars like Koy Detmer, Ty Detmer, Bobby Hoying, Doug Pederson (heard of them?)... I just answered my own question, I think.

After a 2-4 starting record his rookie year, Donovan had only one losing season over the next ten years, and brought the Eagles to their first Super Bowl since 1981. He broke every desirable quarterback record for the Eagles, most of which were held by Ron "Jaws" Jaworski (The only other Quarterback to start a Super Bowl for the team). Of course depending on who you ask, it's probably just because he's black.

From the top to Washington D.C. (hereafter referred to as "The bottom")

Alas, for all his many accolades and accomplishments the grumblings began about McNabb's inability to win "The Big Game." In true Philadelphia fan fashion, people began to ask "What have you done for us lately?" Not that the Eagles and Eagles fans didn't appreciate what number 5 did during his tenure,but it was clear the time for change had arrived. Admit it, if you'd been watching the same porn flick for eleven years and still had yet to see so much as one facial, you'd get pretty antsy too.

The money shot. Apparently.

It was settled, after eleven years grinding out one playoff appearance after another, the way of the future lied with Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb, no, definitely Michael Vick. Mcnabb would go to resident division laughing stock the Washington Redskins for the Pro Football equivalent of some magic beans.

What's Next?

A career in the NFL is, believe it or not, a fickle thing. Donovan, however, seems to have found a new home with the Redskins; on a team that can only get better, the man could be a hero. The hero that Washington needs, right now.

Unbelievable. You fucking ingrates.