All this is, is a small "rant" if you will on the pesky topic, Life.

The Tree of Life...

Just The Facts

  1. Death is inevitable.
  2. Sadness is a Meer Set Back.
  3. Never Give Up.


The world is the greatest and worst thing ever created. There's so much beauty, and love. So much happiness and care, It's a very complex system feelings. A side from all this, there's the bad side to it all. Hate, violence, drugs, war, and cruelty. All things the world would be perfect without. If everyone just took a break from their constant daily responsibilities and just sat down and thought about everything for 5 minutes they would understand that all they're doing is tearing the world apart. If they understand this, the would would be perfect, for the first time since it came into existence. But no, the criminals, war, drugs, and violence has corrupted the world slowly and now it's take full control of it all. Every one of us is made of nothing but hate, you may think to yourself and contemplate that you have successfully changed your fate (Yes, that's a lyric.) but every destiny is pre determined, no matter what you do from birth to the day you die everything will happen for a reason. everyone starts and ends the same, never forget that. It's inevitable, there is no changing it. Try, struggle and work your hardest but in the long run, you die. What's the point? You might ask yourself. It's because that's what we're made for. We we're made to see how much non sense we can live through without going insane, every single day our bodies and minds are put to the test to see how much we can endure. Some of us, less then others.. I'm not saying give up on the world, or humanity. I'm only stating do NOT make a big deal about it. give 110% but don't let anyone put you down. Stay on top of your game, and never let anyone or anything get you down. Words are words, actions are actions. Everyone encounters both on a daily basis. Continue living your life, never give up. You can't hit rock bottom, until your in your grave. That is the true time for rest and relaxation. Death is coming, and it always is and has been, since the day you we're born. Do not fear this. Welcome it. For, it will give you eternal life beyond the grave in any dream you desire. When you die it just means that you've finish all of your jobs here on this world. So work your hardest in this harsh environment and one day, all and any of your questions and wishes will be answered.