A page on people whose antics would otherwise be seen on daytime television, but instead were selected to represent the best of interests of the American people.

Politicians like to identify themselves with animals.

Just The Facts

  1. George Washington was the only U.S. President to serve with no party affiliation.
  2. The bickering began on March 4, 1797... coincidentally the same time that the party system was introduced into American politics.

General information

It came into its current form when the U.S. Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788.

They have been known to be indecisive, as well as violent on the job. Some have brought about positive change, while others have done nothing and others seem to be on some sort of journey, given to them by an angel, to just cause hell and be as obnoxious ass possible.

There are other politicians that seem to be captivated by the thought of having a mahogany desk and are stubborn to relinquish that privilege; others can't wait to get back to their ranch.

Needless to say, most politicians seek their position of power for their own good, or if that's not their initial reasoning, it ends up being the case. Unfortunately for politicians, many constituents have caught on to this ploy.

Politicians have a solution to these discoveries by the layman. They write a book of strategies or a convenient to carry pocket card. In the end, they fall back on their old habits and repeat the process.