Paranoia Agent

A really confusing anime about the madness inside all of us. It is also positive proof that Japan can tentacle rape your mind as well as your eyes.

This is your brain on Paranoia Agent

Just The Facts

  1. Created by Satoshi Kon, it is by no means his strangest work.
  2. It first aired in 2004 on Japan's WOWOW network.
  3. It aired on the [Adult Swim] network in the U.S. in 2005 and 2006.


Paranoia Agent was 13 episodes long, just to fuck with superstitious people. In the first episode we are introduced to all the main characters, whether we realize that at the time or not. Things only get stranger from there. If you have not already been driven insane by the Cracked staff, this is a great series to watch with a head full of acid.