Operation Cow Zombie

They say Mad Cow outbreak is a naturally occurring disease, now find out the truth!

Just The Facts

  1. Cows were fed other animals and cow brains to add protein to their diet
  2. Mad Cow Disease is caused by eating infected brains
  3. Zombies are created by eating BRAINS!

Increasing Protein in Cow's diets

Mad Cow Disease or Bovine_spongiform_encephalopathy is a fatal, neurodegenerative disease in cattle, that causes the brain and spinal cord to turn into a white shitty jelly. Humans can catch the disease by eating nervous tissue (brains) of cows infected with Mad Cow Disease. Cows catch the disease the same way. The outbreak of the disease in herds throughout the world was the result of the cost-cutting common practice of the beef corporations mixing the brain tissue of dead COWS into the feed of other farmed animals. Not only were cow brains feed to other cows but poultry litter (chicken fecal matter, feathers) was included too YUMMY!

But how did this start? What genius thought "Hey you know what we should try? Feeding cows ... cows. What a great idea?" No. Nobody would be that stupid.

Now Team Stupid wants you to think that it was the Beef Corporations that originally came up with the Cows should eat the brains of their cow brethren but there is something they don't want you to know! Enter Operation Cow Zombie.

Zombie Cows

Operation Zombie Cow

In the late 60s the American government began a number of programs to study the feasibility of disrupting food production in the enemies' homeland. A number of ideas got off the ground including the infamous Operation Zombie Cow. The plan was to feed cows a mix of plant matter and Brain tissue from horned brothers and sisters. They hoped that eating large amounts of brains would create ... Zombie Cows. The Zombie Cows would then be air dropped into the target area. This undead cows, who would only eat the flesh of live cows, would quickly spread the zombie outbreak throughout the food supply.

However, despite upping the brain content, in the animal feed, from 20% to 95% no zombie cows were spawned and the program was closed. The case would have been just another footnote in the history books except that researchers noticed that the cows who were fed brains grew faster than those in the control group. This information was passed on to the Beef Corporation who started down their infamous road.

The New Zealand Sheep Experiments

Operation Zombie Cow took its inspiration from the infamous New Zealand Sheep Experiments.

Buisnesses Ruined!