Daniel Tosh

daniel tosh is the assholarious host of the show tosh.0

like micheal swaim. but on tv and less family freindly.

Just The Facts

  1. daniel tosh is a comedian on comedy central who has a show where he gives his take on hilarious internet videos, much like our good freind swaim.
  2. daniel tosh often drops joking implications of being gay
  3. he has repeatedly brought about ddos attacks and other hilarious misfortunes to websites just by talking about them on his show
  4. he is sometimes called the patron saint of youtube and ending really annoying fads.
  5. okay maybe that last part isnt true yet but he is often attributed to ending that horrible bros icing bros game.
  6. he has a link to us on his site.
  7. he is what happens when you give a troll his own tv show

about tosh.0

tosh.0 is a show where daniel makes fun of numerous hilariuous internet videos. he does this with segments such as '20 seconds on the clock' or 'is it racist'. he has also doen the biggest reaction video ever to 2 girls 1 cup at the expense of his studio audience. he once told his audience to attack his own wikipedia page which turned out hilariosly. he has helped the difusion of viral videos such as 'epic beard man' and 'eat da poo poo'. he loves his audience so much that he wants videos of them doing insane stuff so he can show the world. in fact i keep a camera rolling every where i go just so i might find some fun footage to send.