Rome (TV Series)

Rome is an original HBO and BBC-produced series centered around Frank Castle's influence on the Roman Empire, 49 B.C. (that's Before Common Era for you heathens).

Frank Castle on a horse.  And some other guy.

Polly Walker, a.k.a. Atia of the Julii.  Case closed.

Just The Facts

  1. Rome is based on true events, similarly to The Prestige and the life of Nikola Tesla.
  2. Atia of the Julii is the original MILF, and spends most of the series living up to her reputation.
  3. If all you know about Caeser is that it's a mediocre salad at The Outback, you're going to be really confused.

Why Rome Is Worth Watching

Rome is a solid series, with excellent writing and top par acting by everyone involved. It also includes a satisfying dose of subscription-only sex and violence, which any self-respecting American male has come to expect from pay cable.

Endeavoring towards a realistic portrayal of period Rome (and the outlying territories) while taking considerable liberties with the historical account (you don't know. Were you there?), Rome succeeds in meshing a compelling combination of political intrigue, sword-into-digestive tract violence, and bone-your-Jewish consort/lust for much younger women schadenfreude we all intrinsicly feel.

Many will draw comparisons to Spartacus: Blood and Sand, due to several similar themes, but Rome takes the prize for realism and faithfulness to the source material.