It is a well-known fact that "what happens on Tumblr, stays on Tumblr." well, Today I will tell you exactly what happens there.

Just The Facts

  1. If you are a girl and you have a Tumblr, you might be a lesbian
  2. If you made an embarrassing YouTube video where your father yelled "YOU DUN GOOF'D, You were probably made fun of for a while
  3. If you've ever been on that site, you probably have seen at least 5 nude pictures of women

How To Get Alot Of People To Follow You On Tumblr:

First off, Pretend you are famous, A lesbian, Or a fan of a famous lesbian.

Second, Post Pictures of kittens, naked woman, marijuana, naked women, and memes

Third, Enjoy the fame!!


First rule: You probably shouldn't go on tumblr if you're a homophobe. you won't like it.

Second rule: THERE ARE NO RULES!!.....haha Just Kidding.