Five Finger Shoes

are you ready to be laughed at work, in public, or at home? Try the five finger shoes now, these shoes aren't just ordinary shoes in fact their extraordinarly retarded. They have toes at the end so it looks like a foot.. Who in the fuck?!

Here's a picture of the five finger shoes. I think I rather go barefooted.. what do you think?

Don't worry ladies they have them in ladies to, and were not laughing at you were laughing with you.

Since they've bought the shoes they have been rejected from society.

Just The Facts

  1. They will not help you get laid, just plain in simple they are not cool.
  2. They come in many different styles, some retardier than others.
  3. It is made to have the sensation of running barefoot, so in other words your feet are gonna hurt like hell especially accidently stepping on a rock OUCH! and are uncomfortable.
  4. People don't like to be seen wearing them.
  5. You also build up your foot muscles, legs, range of motion, agility and balance, whats it trying to say that you'll turn into spiderman?
  6. People who are castrophobic like to wear them.
  7. Good for water sports as well, what??
  8. It's like riding a mo-ped it's all fun in games till someone see's you.

The five finger discount shoes

These five finger shoes are extremely cracked out. When I saw this topic at first I thought they were shoes for your fingers. But just as bad and just plain weird they are condoms for your feet. They are no where close to being stylish, I think its just another failed idea that some guy tried coming up with after taking some drugs, or just has a weird sense of fashion. Supposebly there are benefits to wearing these, uh shoes. Claims to build muscles in your legs, but anybody builds muscle just by walking, Is that an excuse to wear these shoes? I only wear these shoes to work out my legs muscle, yes I know they look weird. Also says to help you run faster, are there like turbo boost in these shoes or something? How would wearing these make you run faster, they do make running shoes you know. So despite the benefits if not any, the shoes are extremely goofy for the most part, I rather walk a little extra to gain that supposebly muscle build than to lose a date and look completely ridicolous. Take this guy for instance..

This guy knows what hes doing


WARNING: If you notice connected toes or seperated toes, swollen toes, strange bumps located at the tip and side of the toes, elephantitis, discoloring of the foot/toe nails, bad feet odor, or foot fungus and have bought the five finger shoes recently please contact me now (810) 800-fivefingershoessyndrome you may be entitled to a large reward!

People have notice strange unwanted foot syndrome wearing this product, these symptoms include:

Discoloring of the toes, and extreme growth of the toe nails.

Webbed feet.

And misery.


So now you know how ridiculous these shoes are. Who even came up with these shoes? I don't know and I honestly don't care. These shoes seem to be just as sketchy as the shamwow guy. I wouldn't be surprised for a minute if he came on the commercial with one of these shoes..

I know most of you are like, " oh no, not this guy again." But don't be surprised to see his face again on tv. The shoes it's self are a diseaster and they're going to have to pull up this guy for a commercial.

Don't be ashamed.

Now if your reading this and you have bought the five finger shoes don't be upset. They can be cool if you want it to be. Don't let no one judge you, you are who you are.. some web footed wearing muthafucker! But no serious they cool there just like the heely's. Remember from sketchers? The shoes are just like them there both gay and look funny. To most people but not you. So some guy's can actually look cool in these spida shoes here's one right here

I think i've seen him a couple of times on workout videos in such? Well that explains a misunderstading it says to build leg muscles and he looks pretty ripped from these shoes he bought. Maybe i should get these shoes if they make me that big! Maybe it'll make me look sexier shit! Maybe to top this product off they might make it into the five finger heely shoes! Or you can call it the heely five fingers! They could also come up with the five finger boots or fing finger heels. Sounds pretty clever. Oh and hey I should say it helps you build muscles and makes your dick bigger, I wonder how many people would buy that haha.

" Alright were gonna do it big tonight folks. I got this big product called the shamshoes! Alright, now these aren't just any ordinary shoes this is real germany notsy stuff right here and you know the germans make good stuff. It's not a shoe its not a shoey its a shamshoe. Now these shoes have a built in air dryer in the inside. Now say your shoes are really wet, you stepped in the puddle, or you fell of the bridge into a river and your shoes got really wet, well whatever it might be these shoes have a built in dryer system now were gonna watch how this thing works (Displays product being wet cuts a scene and shoes are dried off in 10 secs) See what I mean it is virtually dry inside now I am gonna tell you folks this is the real deal and theres more to it now your gonna watch this contester try on these shoes. Now it's his first time, he has never tried these shoes before and he's going to jump off a 8 story building. Now these shoes have built in springs that adjust to your landing to protect your feet. Now as you watch ( cuts out) now thats all the time we had for today, so remember your not going see the shamshoes at any store. Call this number **************** TODAY. Then once you the five finger shoes, or any of the shamwow guy's products it's pretty much a big