80s Movies

Ah yes the 80's, the only time when holding huge guns and no shirt was considered. That and boobs!

Just The Facts

  1. Some of the highest grossing franchises began in the 80's
  2. You have argued as to which of these franchises are better
  3. It didn't matter if they were exactly good, they just had to either blow stuff up or kill stuff
  4. Horror Movies didn't even have to have a plot all they needed was BOOBS

Horror_Action_Syfy (ahem) Films

Aliens (1986)


Forget something as lame and boring as Alien '79. ALiens is where the crap gets real. We start off with Ripley (Weaver) beinng found in the Nostom-....meh, forget that. SHe goes off to Alien world to kick ALien ass!

The Terminator (1984)

Don't F*** with the terminator

Alright so I'm taking you back to the terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenigger I mean negger negger. Who would ever guess the governor of California (Schwarzenegger) would star in this kick ass film! Not to mention the other movies he starred in. But what makes this movie tick is one its starring Arnold Schwarzenegger who doesn't love this big gorilla and the action! This action packed crazy ass movie really deserves It's title winning 5 wins and 6 nomination. That's why you dont f*** with the terminator he will terminate you.


A cyborge is sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor which she has a great impact on the future if she is not killed. Sarah has one protector, some pussy named Kyle Reese which get's his ass handed to him during the movie by the terminator. The cyborge starring Arnold Schwarzenegger must use his intelligence and of course his god forsaken strength to find Sarah. Pretty good plot huh?

So the beating, the killing, and of course the terminating gives this movie a good ass review.

Now next up in science fiction is not all there in the cassette. This was one of the worste low budget film in the 80s. I thought you might want to take a look at this movie, try not to laugh to hard.

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