Hot Yoga

What the hell is hot yoga? I chose to be the editor of this topic because I honestly have no bloody idea. However, when I think "hot yoga" I think something along the lines of a half naked chick in flexible poses looking seductively at a camera.

Hey, boss. I'm just doing some hot yoga while I work.

Just The Facts

  1. Hot yoga is the opposite of sexy.
  2. Hot yoga is basically yoga in hell (it's 100 degrees).
  3. Hot yoga sounds like something from Saw.

Hot Yoga Isn't Exactly What I Thought...

Hot yoga is basically regular yoga... but in a room that's up to 105 degrees. The heat is supposed to make you more flexible. I think it's supposed to give you heat stroke too, but who cares about that? I can stick my fucking foot behind my head because the roasting flesh on my bones is more flexible!

Okay, now to some history. Hot yoga is also called Bikram yoga because it was innovated by a man named Bikram Choudhury.

They call it hot yoga because Mr. Choudhury is nothing short of a sex God.

Bikram claims that this yoga is a cure all. It stretches all muscles and increases blood flow. It probably cures cancer and everything, too. When I looked around a little, I actually found that there's places to do hot yoga all over the damned place! There's even a place locally where I can personally sweat my ass off...

I just can't contain my exitment for this new activity I'll be taking part of!

Is It All Bad?

Chances are if you were to sign up for hot yoga, it'd be filled with rather... unattractive people. Think about it, though. What if you could be put in a room full of sweaty hot chicks?

It looks like they actually encourage you to touch the person in front of you... hmmm...

It might just be worth a trip to your local Bikram yoga chamber ("chamber" makes it sound more accurate). You might want to stand by the front door and see the kind of people that walk in. Who knows, it might be one of those things only women go to...

Or not...