School Girls - Japan Vs America

While American girls live in the social jungle, Japanese girls live by the laws of the jungle.

Just The Facts

  1. The Japanese word for school uniform is seifuku
  2. The American word for school uniform is sluty
  3. "Japan is to crazy what the Middle East is to oil" -- Geoff Shakespeare

Who are these girls?

American girls are like orhpans, clueless to the facts of life, its Cruel Intentions, and dommed to doing it over and over again. All the while Japanese school girls have to deal with crazy mother fuckers with a Machine Gun, Girls that are treated like the last vampire on earth, or like they have tentacles.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

There really is no use trying to construct some nonsensical overly elaborate ruse at this point because hey, we all know the desperate biological, evolutionary FACT: School girls just really do it for us. The small bones of a teenager with the (hoprefully) full and firm breasts of a female capable of producing many many babies for us, the skin tight and smooth, the physical form sculpted and perfect. All things Evolution has taught us to want biologically as men.

The institutions surrounding school girls in the USA and school girls in Japan are quite different and have been purposefully manipulated to be that way based on two very opposing cultural concepts. Sexy and cute.

It would almost be worth our time to call this a battle of CUTE vs SEXY, perhaps we should elaborate while you hold off spanking to that admittedly enticing tentacle shot for just a moment.

In America the image of the High school _____________, fill in the blank to suit whatever does it for you- Horny dumb Cheerleader, Pretentious Valedictorian, Pliable Rhythmic gymnast, Flute lead chair (band camp), drunk party girl, dirty goth chick and full sloppily large breated dunce girl that should be in the special class that will do-anything-for-a-snickersbar all have one appealing quality and that quality is SEXY. Sexy reigns supreme in the West and it is fueled by evil greedy corporations that staple sexy to anything they can get their filthy paws on:

CEO MAN: "Buy this new kind of soda-pop that tastes like racoon piss with tang and some alkaselzer."
MEN: ""
CEO MAN: "But can you see this ad here with this hot slutty looking school girl and her equally slutty best friend, also a school girl, wrapping their mouths around the full circumfrance of the can?"
MEN: "Right, pass the coon piss."

SEXY sells us shit we dont want. It does this with ease.

The undenaiable Sexiness of School girls is continually kept alive and burning by the passing of the torch from Predatory College frat guys, to bitter over the hill 30 something mommies, to Horny fathers gourging their visual processes on dainty yet fully endowed and ovulating sweet 17 year olds. Sexy is the concept that drives all these actions and fantasies and complexes and obsessions.

Cute Vs Sexy

Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

Things work a bit differently in WTF JAPAN LAND....

Japan is dominated by one solid singular word and that word is CUTE. If one other thing could be proclaimed as the glue holding Japan together it would likely be ALCOHOL but that is another article. CUTE dominates japan and smashes all naysayers with a giant, glittering, shiny-stickers-of-smiling-kaolas-and-big-blue-eyed-muffins BEDAZZLED pink Sledge hammer.

No mercy is shown. The empitomy of CUTE in Japan and the singular driving force behind entire markets of clothing, music, books, websites and porno are all hanging on the every last word of the cultural cute powerhouse known as JOSHI KOSEI or SCHOOL GIRLS. Helpless and horny, the sheer CUTE factor of everything from their uniforms, to their hair, to their mannerisms and interests is mind numbing.

The pink sledge hammer impacts the uninitiated with the force of an A-bomb being ridden to fruittion by at 16 year old so demure and petite that the boys at ground zero in Nagasaki looking up could very well be seen shrugging, helpless and rendered boner-tized, the second coming of their apocalypose a mear after thought. The plaid skirts, the sailor outfits, the tight blue socks or the loose white socks. The loafers mutated to half hearted sandles on tiny feet oddly yet enticingly pointed at seemingly impossible inward angles. The peace signs and head tilts. The cries of incompetence and lack of critical thinking skills that bring males of all ages flocking to assist/seduce/grope/attack. There is no competition. The true Queen of Japan is a School girl. The Prime Minister may as well collect used girls panties. For this elevated place on the pedestal, the JK (Joshi Kosei) are the object of every lunatics sex fantasy in which he attacks a girl into loving him. Over 60% of all pornography in Japan is involving school girls and 40 percent is attacking said school girls. They are the principle (yet hardly the only target) for the infamous train gropers and panty thieves and thousands of websites exist for the sole purpose of posting clandestined photos of these girls "accidentally" flashing some ass while walking upstairs. Highschool girls in Japan are the Holy Grail of fuckable objects. Cute and its unbreakable raltionship with Japans school girls is brutal and totaliristic in its control.

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