Myspace is a social networking site that lets 13 year old girls pretending to be 17 talk to 45 year olds pretenting to be 17.

Damn right you did! What happened to your forty inch chest?

Just The Facts

  1. Myspace has been active since 2003. Ah, the memories...
  2. It has roughly 100 million accounts. 20% of them underage girls and 80% of them undercover police officers.
  3. Number of online creepy people: 29,000. Watch your step.

The Basics of Myspace

Myspace's core operation revolves around you. Seriously. You have a single page to yourself, free to decorate however you choose. You also have the right to populate your page with "Your Interests" and "Hobbies" and "Crippling Emotional Problems". You are not alone on Myspace, as you can track down "Friends" to add to your "Friendlist". Eventually, you'll feel like talking. If telling complete strangers your innermost secrets is your kind of thing, then Myspace's blogging features will let you reveal your deepest secrets to some 18 year old frat boy from Wisconsin. Just don't come crying to me when he laughs at your Twilight fan fiction.

Even the kittens are laughing at you. My God, how bad is your fanfiction?