Pennywise is an evil clown who kills kids every thirty years. In addition he likes long walks on the beach, whole jams, and vintage movie posters.

This genius could sail ships

Not included: Singing about

Just The Facts

  1. Pennywise is the main antagonist to Stephen King's IT.
  2. IT is a book from 1986 and thought to be one King's best and/or frightening books.
  3. IT was later made into a semi-decent made for T.V. movie.

To summarize IT. (Ha ha. Did you see what I did there)

IT starts off with a little girl riding her bicycle. As she comes home she is greeted by a disgusting monster played by Tim Curry.

No. Not yet.

No! Not yet.

Anyways, the girl dies and nobody has any idea whats going on, except for Mike Hanlon. Mike is the town librarian and has a haunted past connected to monster. He precedes to call 6 of his friends from his childhood, who all have had encounters with the clown. The story then progresses through a series of flashbacks from all 6 of the friends. The first flashback shows young George Denbrough in probably one of the most iconic parts of the movie.

The story soon continues with more flashbacks until the kids kill the clown.

They then reunite as adults to kill it for good because apparently thats what happens when you don't poke it with a stick first. (Hit it then quit it)

The Good

First off, this article is going to be about Pennywise itself. If you want to know about the movie, then watch the video in the botom links.

Now although not perfect, Tim Curry's rendition of Pennywise is actually really good. He hysterical, over the top, and just a pleasure to watch

But he also manages to get a few scares in. Some of them work and some..... well..............don't. Most of this could be blamed on the restrictions of the made for T.V. rating.

But in the scene where Bill looks into the eyes of his dead brother, there is proof that Pennywise is not just a joke. IT has many qualities that make IT more interesting than your ordinary movie villan.Pussy.



The Bad

Although Pennywise is a fantastic character, in the movie he has some major flaws that are hard to ignore. Like first, ITs method of how he kills kids is ridiculous. As stated before, Pennywise is not the typical slasher, he takes time with his kills. The problem is that IT takes WAY TOO LONG to kill the kids.

In the book, Pennywise does haunt kids for a while and then kills them. An example would be when in the book a young boy mourns his brothers death. Everybody knows it was his abusive and drunken father, but there is no proof. Soon the grieving brother goes missing. The father confesses to the killing of the younger brother but does not know where the other one is. That is because the other brother was too busy having his head torn off by the swamp thing. He ran away to mourn his brother, but then is greeted by his ghost. The boy is bloody and in tattered rags. But soon out off the river spawns a swamp monster who then chases him and eventually rips his head off.

This shows effort. I mean Jesus! That was hardcore. If you disagree, then at least think about what IT did to scare the kids in the movie. In the movie he messes with the shower pipes in the boy's locker room.

That was nothing. Shower faucits are not scary. The Goonies were more evil than that.

I see why

Not only that, but what's with the freaking balloons. I mean I know IT's a clown and that is a logical calling card, but it's used too much. Especially when they are adults, Pennywise leaves a couple of balloons everywhere, and they're suposed to scary. When a balloon splatters blood in your face, and nobody can see it, that's frightening, But when a little rubber toy is floating there, that's not scary. Hell, It's a free fucking balloon. I'd be happy.

Disclaimer: Do not ask Tim Curry for a Balloon