5 Worst Breakfast Foods

Ok. We’ve all been there. Wake up one morning, starving, don’t care what you eat, you just need food. But next time you open that cupboard, think twice before eating one of these foods.

5. Lucky Charms

Ok. Maybe you favor the idea of eating marshmallows for breakfast, but these are flavored marshmallows surrounded by surger coated clovers of doom.



Ok. But seriously, Marshmallows are for fires. Leprechauns are not.

Part of a good breakfeast.

4. Donuts

Ok. So maybe marshmallows are out of the picture. But how about sugar coated rings of breakfast deliciousness. No? Ok.
We must bring these fattening beats to justice.
Mission Accomplished.
I mean seriously these things are endangering our society, by crippling our police force.
Can I have another donut?

3. Mcdonalds.

So maybe this isn't in your cupboard but this is like eating bacon on a hamburger on a steak omlette covered in syrup.

This is so bad that Burger King openly advertised that it stole the recipe.
Oh and, does all of Mc Donald's food turn you into a deranged clown maniac?
Mc Donald's!

2. Smore Cereal.

This doesn't even need commentary. This is like feeding your children a Sugar coated, chocolate filled, marshmallow, abomination.
Oh wait, it is. They advertise this as a part of a good breakfast. That's like saying a "DOB's Toilet-Bombing Heart-Molester" created by Dan O'Brian( http://www.cracked.com/blog/fastfood-meals-for-failures/ ) is good for you. Nuff' Said

1.Pop Tarts.

These things are pure sugar on top of artificial flavored bread. They freaking melt!

So next time you're contemplating suicide. Still don't eat these it is a slow painful death in which you will slowly blow up 'till your bigger than your couch and you'll be forced to stand for the next 5 minutes which are the rest of your miserable life. Just thinking of this should make you feel good about yourself.

At least you're not this guy.