Tourets Syndrome

Tourets is a neurological disease that causes people with it to do random shit for no reason.

The Tourettes eye is watching you masturbate

Just The Facts

  1. Tourettes will cause you to do random crap for no reason
  2. However, one advantage is that you get to say anything you want to in public.

Cracked on Tourettes

tourettes is a mix of Behavioral Disorders+ADHD+Tics A.K.A Twitches+OCD. There are two types of Tics

Motor Tics: Causes The Diagnosed person to twitch or make other Involentary Movements.

Tourettes is making you masturbate

And Phonic Tics: Causes The Diagnosed person to make sounds and speak at Random.

If Jesus Had Tourettes...

Tourettes was Discovered by A man by the name of Georges Gilles de la Tourette.

This douchebag

He Discovered it By Observing 9 of his patients With the Types of tics listed above

There are many Charitys for the Cure For Tourettes, All of Which have Been Seemingly Forgotten About