The Fable Series

Fable. Oh, Fable. Developed by Lionhead Studios, developer of the [decently] successful Black & White video game.

Cover art for the first Fable.

Cover art for the stupid ugly mug of the compulsive liar that is the developer of Fable.

The result of the two choices you can make in the game.

Just The Facts

  1. Fable one was okay.
  2. Fable II was the same thing except somehow worse.
  3. Fable III? Please stop.

Quick Synopsis of Fable

Fable One starts you off as a little child, with someone bitching at you. You have the choice of being male or female. Customization? What the fuck are you talking about?

Throughout the game, you have two choices you can make.

Good. And Bad. [and ugly?]

Absolutely ugly. Aside from the horrible customization, scenery, and RPG, the graphics lack the most.

Horrible Graphics

Then again, what can you expect from an XBOX game?

Awesome Graphics.

A lot more.

Moving on to the game's story line. The most confusing part of the series is the linear storyline inserted into the games. You play the same way every time. There's no replay value. The greatest aspect of RPGs is the many different ways you can play the game. What the fuck, Peter? What are you doing?

In Conclusion

Don't buy these games.