Voting Booths

Voting Booths are a type of public restroom open only once or twice a year. A small puzzle book is often provided, although the games are very dull.

Typical American-style voting booths

Just The Facts

  1. Voting booths are used solely by old people, homeless people (*not* for voting), and hipsters... ironically.
  2. Voting booths are often located in libraries or high schools, the least likely place for the average American citizen to be located. AFAIK, no voting booths are in fast food restaurants.
  3. I've seen enough movies to understand that the only vote that counts, is the one cast by Kevin Costner.

Voting Booths Outside of America

I don't think people vote out of America. America constitutes the free world. Everything else is just an evil dictatorship, or lame "monarchy."

I mean, seriously, they say they vote in Englund for Prime Minister... but they don't actually vote for the guy. What's up with that? "Oh, we just basically have our Senate Majority Leader run the country." You might as well just have the Queen in charge.

Good thing, America invented voting. We directly vote for our leaders, through a complicated system of voting for an anonymous slate of people who are generally required by law to all vote for the same guy, although occassionally they don't and they could theoretically overturn the will of the people. But I digress.