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Just The Facts

  1. Scrubs is an American television series revolving around the lives of several employees at Sacred Heart Hospital.
  2. The main story was initially presented from the viewpoint of John "J.D" Dorian, but as the series progressed the show has expanded the view to the many of supporting characters: Christopher "Turk" Turk, Elliot Reid, Carla Espinosa, Perry Cox, Bob Kelso, and the Janitor. Also there are some med stude
  3. Scrubs ran for seven seasons on NBC and two on ABC.
  4. Scrubs is a comedy-drama, alternating between hilariously funny highs and soul-crushing lows.
  5. You will never find out the Janitor's name.
  6. Hooch is crazy.

Cracked on Scrubs

In the family of television, Scrubs is your bipolar cousin that everyone walks on eggshells around. Scrubs can't decide whether it wants to make you laugh or cry big, manly tears (made of scotch), but in the end, a voice over by Zach Braff to last year's indie rock leaves a lesson that sticks with you, though when the lesson is "don't piss off the Janitor" we don't need reminding. Scrubs has remained popular through the years due to its unique brand of comedy, a talented cast, and some dirty thieving tricks( see: 5 Cheap Tricks TV Shows Use to Keep You Watching)


John "J.D" Dorian
The main character of the show, J.D is the everyman medical intern who, with his best friend surgical intern Chris Turk, survive the rough and tumble world of medicine at Sacred Heart. J.D also has struck up an on-and-off relationship with medical intern(later attending) Elliot Reid, and while frequent break-ups and make-ups over the seasons have left them "just friends", many see their new relationship as something more. J.D also has a rocky relationship with his attending physician Dr. Perry Cox, with Cox constantly belittling him and calling him girl's names and going so far as to say "we're not friends" whenever J.D brings up their relationship.


Above: Funny

J.D is played by Zach Braff, who's err... tendencies are well documented on Cracked. We here at Cracked appreciate Scrubs and it's comedic tastes (see: Scrubs Family Feud on Cracked), but Braff has an unfortunate case of giant ego-itis. You see, a successful show with a loyal fanbase isn't enough for Braff, who wants to make it big time as an director and writer( See: The Top 5 Worst Lines of Dialogue (From Movies That Don't Actually Suck) ). Unfortunately, these experiments into fame and glory generally don't work out too well(See: 5 Movies Hollywood Needs to Stop Making Now). Braff's shortcomings aside, J.D does well as a main character we can identify with and as a source of humor for the other characters.

Not Funny

Above: Not Funny.

Christopher Turk

Chris Turk is J.D's wisecracking black best friend, now an attending surgeon. The pair met in college as freshman roommates, went to medical school and now work together. No matter the situation or concern, Turk always has J.D's back, to the point that his eventual wife Carla has nightmares of them running off to Aspen together. J.D and Turk finally come to grips with their quasi-gay status in a ballad aptly named "Guy Love" which made our pants feel funny in a way that hasn't happened since our cabin mate from Camp Warmingwood wanted to be "Blanket Buddies" for the summer. Turk is usually the straight man in his relationship with J,D, in every sense of the word. Many people comment on the fact that having a black best friend makes J,D cooler. Turk says he "should be offended, but he's right."

Dr. Cox

Dr. Percival Ulysses Cox is the former senior attending physician, current Chief of Medicine, at Sacred Heart. Cox is basically a walking example of what every Cracked writer is like. Smart? Check. Egotistical? Check. Ripped? Check. A drinking problem and an outrageously hot ex-wife for a booty call? Check and check.

Now the resemblances are getting creepy.

He has the respect of most everyone in Sacred Heart, although he is often at odds with the hospital Chief of Medicine, Bob Kelso, over ethical disagreements. J.D sees Cox as his father figure and mentor, while Cox claims that hearing J.D speak makes a high-pitched klaxon sound go of in his head, much like an alarm goes off in our heads if the speaking party is not A) Rich, or B) Female. Cox has two children with his ex-wife, a son and a daughter, who may be the only people on Earth that Cox does not treat with contempt and/or scorn. Dr. Cox has been announced to be one of the main characters in the upcoming ninth season of Scrubs. Uhh...we're gonna need another pair of jeans.

Elliot Reid

Elliot is also an attending physician at Sacred Heart, but unlike J.D and Dr. Cox she has since gone into private practice, which caused some tension between her and the hospital staff. as Dr. Cox puts it: "They're whores. And I'm not talking about the good kind of whores like my ex-wife. They're whores for money.".

Looks fine by us.

Elliot has had a tenacious relationship with J.D over the years, with them getting together and breaking up at least every year until J.D broke her heart at Turk and Carla's wedding rehersal dinner. Since then they have strived to keep their relationship superficial, but lately they have come closer together and have started dating again.

Notable Episodes

10. My Lucky Charms(Season 4)

With a guest appearence by Colin Farrel as the free spirited Billy Callahan, this is a textbook Scrubs episode. Fun, clever, and charming, this episode both delights and bestows a good life lesson to all who watch it.

9. My Porcelain God(Season 3)

If it has Michael J. Fox in it, it's gotta be good, right? Of course. This episode is quirky and hilarious, but at the same time shows how everyone has it inside them to do what they need to: whether it be conquer a roof toilet or a dificult procedure.

8. My Philosophy(Season 2)

This is one of the rarer episodes of Scrubs. As J.D speaks with a heart transplant patient about death and dying, others share their philosophies on life and death and everything in between. The ending to this episode will leave you with a profound impact.

7. My Bed, Banter and Beyond(Season 1)

The first episode where J.D and Elliot get together, this is a fun romp through some embarassing moments and realtionship squabbles, until in true Scrubs fashion the ending kicks the veiwer's teeth in with a rant by Dr. Cox that sums up everything you need to know about relationships.

6. My Occurrance(Season 1)

A set-up to the later episode "My Screw Up", "My Occurrance" does not disappoint. It introduces Brendan Fraiser as Ben, Dr. Cox's former brother-in-law and best friend. When test results get mixed up frequenty, J.D must face a dilemma whether to investigate further or to trust his instincts. The ending does not disappoint.

5. His Story(Season 2)

The first episode to follow a character besides J.D, this show follows Dr. Cox through his paces, showing us why he does what he does and its impact on the future of the show.

4. My Old Lady(Season 1)

In only the second episode Scrubs was giving us endings like this. When a patient with failing kidneys refuses treatment, J.D must face his fear of death and help his patient as well.

3. My Long Goodbye(Season 6)

Arguably the best episode from the pile that was the sixth season, this shows off how every character of Scrubs is connected to the viewer, not matter how insignificant they may seem.

2. My Last Words(Season 8)

The reason to keep watching Scrubs. Period. When a show in its eight season puts out an episode like this in its premiere, viewers need to stand and demand more. (There's an awesome song about steak)

1. (Tie) My Screw Up and My Lunch(Season 3 and Season 5)

The two most powerful episodes in the entire eight years of Scrubs. If you asked a Scrubs fan to pick one or the other, they couldn't. In both cases it's the 180 degree shift that the episode does, and the slap to the face in the end that will leave you shaking and your soul moved. Bring tissues.

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