Benoit Mandelbrot

-Under Construction-Benoit Mandelbrot was a mathematical genius who pioneered the study of Fractals and contributed to dozens other modern fields.

Shut up and pay attention. The light show...uh, lecture is about to begin...

Just The Facts

  1. Benoit Mandelbrot was born in Poland in 1924.
  2. He made up the word "Fractal" after inventing some trippy looking math and not knowing what else to call it.
  3. Everybody hung out in his office for about 4 days watching that thing zoom in.

Quantifying Everything

If you could look at the world and understand it directly in terms of complex numeric systems, what would you know?

Benoit Mandelbrot discovered that it was actually a hell of a lot.

While he is best known for the cool looking fractals of the Mandelbrot Set, his contributions to math, computing, and technology go far beyond this. Mandelbrot was pretty much a rock star of math, and was always ready to investigate further and take things to a level that few people had ever dreamed of.

Young Mandelbrot