From that homeless guy you never give a cent to, all the way up to the God damn president, there will always be haters. It matters not how successful you are, or how many women you have clinging to your legs. Haters will be there.

The hypothesis

Just The Facts

  1. Haters gonna hate
  2. Hässer hassen
  3. Los enemigos odiarán!

Dissenters will inevitably abhor

The process of disregarding the opinions of haters has spawned an internet meme, but has its roots in hip-hop. Interestingly, no matter what you do or when you do it, regardless of context, people will "hate" on you. Perhaps they want to mooch off your success.

The principal of "Haters gonna hate" (on anything and everything) is clear to anyone who has ever read, for example, the comments section on a video on Youtube. To be fair though, we may be confusing the emotion of hate with plain old stupidity.