Alex Trebek

Nice man. Pompous host.

Just The Facts

  1. Alex Trebek has a net worth of $45 million and annual salary of $10 million. (That is more than the president and vice presidents salaries combined!)
  2. Like the bacon on hawaiian pizza, he's Canadian. Born and raised. "This is Jeopardy, eh?"
  3. He's got all the answers. Well, a couple decades' worth anyways. Trebek has been the host of Jeopardy! since 1984.

Sorry, its pronouned "leviOHsa" not "leviosAH."

"We're gonna have to take away that 800 dollars from earlier."

Alex is nothing but a stickler for pronunciation, and he has a real knack for it. Some might call it snobby to pronounce Chile "Cheelay," but not Alex. He is known for his attempts at native pronunciations of foreign terms, and expects nothing less from his contestants.

A mispronounciation can cost contestants money, so Alex has to double check exactly what they say, just to be sure. Here is an example of a woman whose response could have been correct... or just racist.

Speaking of tennis, Margaret. I hear you have an interesting story of how you fell in love.

Okay, Okay. So sometimes Alex seems a little too happy to tell a contestant they have lost. That "ooo no I'm sorry..." just never seems to ring genuine. But then again, can you blame him? A lot of contestants on this show seem normal... a school teacher... a librarian. But think for a second about all the stupid stories and hobbies the contestants talk about that Alex has to feign interest in. If you had to listen to guys who live in their mothers' basements talk about their arachnid and paper doll collections... you would probably enjoy when they get a question wrong too.

You love to make clothes for cats in your spare time?!
No way! You are so fascinating!

Even great hosts have their vices.

And while he is no stumbling alcoholic, it is clear Alex is no newbie when it comes to throwin' em back. Even on set.