BCS Rankings

The BCS rankings are used for determining which teams will gain access to their prestigious (read: MONEY) bowls and also picks the 2 best teams in the country. And how many seasons could it possibly be hard to tell the 2 best out of 120?

Fans take stuff like this and fill half the internet with pissing and the other half with moaning.

Just The Facts

  1. The BCS only decides the postseason activites of four teams.
  2. All four decisions and two in particular are annually the most complained about things in sports.
  3. These rankings are deemed important enough to spark investigations by the Justice Department.

What almost wasn't...

Those of you who have read cracked before will not be suprised to learn that when Teddy Roosevelt wasn't defining badass he kept football from going the way of the dodo.He called the best teams of college football to the white house in 1905 and created rules for the safety of the game that led to the NCAA. Before these rules were put in place punching and eye gouging were considered par for the course and players routinely died on the field. In 1905 with only 77 universities sponsoring football 18 players died. Without Roosevelt the BCS would never have existed and worse yet the world would never have met Tim Tebow.

Imagine your life without this man in it.

How the system works.

The BCS uses the Coaches Poll, the Harris Poll (after 2004), and a myriad of ever changing computer rankings. These three components are handed over to mathematicians, statisticians, and other non-athletic 'icians' who attack these sources with numbers and letter spilling their blood all over the floor. By interpreting the splatter patterns a new set of rankings emerge ready to ruin the lives of a few thousand fans. These men are experts and their results are difficult to doubt due to their years of experience in dealing with football.

Pictured: The thrill of a game winning equation!

The BCS teams

Six conferences comprise the BCS. These six conferences are the ACC, the Big East, the Big 10, the Big 12, the Pac-10, and the SEC. The teams which reside in these conferences along with Notre Dame form an exclusive club. This group contains every blue-blood in college football and almost any program that has existed for more than 50 years. In order to explain their feelings about the BCS it's best to borrow an analogy from another cracked article on the BCS. One listed under 'topics' to the right compares the BCS to video games. So to "put this into video game terms" pause your reading of this article and join World of Warcraft (as if you're not already logged on!). Progress slowly as you and your friends gain power and abilities until eventually you become powerful enough to go raiding and find rare items to advance your characters worth. A few new players on the server look promising so you offer them a spot in your guild and they immediately demand to be given an equal share of all spoils just like the veterans. It is less like Little Mac being cursed into never beating Tyson and more like Player 1 turning the game on for the first time and expecting to fight Tyson right off the bat.

TCU leads mid-majors in research towards the next three lines of code.

In the real world that means bring something to the table if you don't want to be stuck with scraps. Since 2008 BCS games with non-BCS teams in them average a 7.68 rating. The games containing only BCS teams average 12.28. Now the lowest of that time frame was the 2009 Orange Bowl between Va. Tech and Cincinnati, but that just highlights that the BCS already has teams that can't pull their weight. What would Boise State, Utah, and TCU bring to in any way improve the BCS?


In case you didn't click on it earlier Senator Orin Hatch from Utah has sought to file an antitrust lawsuit against the BCS. Stewart Mandel from Si.com believes that even if David does win it's extremely unlikely lawsuit against Goliath it would simply dissolve the BCS and return to the previous format where multiple undefeated teams rarely played each other. And that isn't even the only group stirring up the subject in Washington. The last time college football was this popular in Washington there was a substantial body count.

I see your still breathing... So what is your complaint?

Mid-majors complain that the BCS creates a class system that leaves them forced to drink from separate water fountains and use out of date textbooks (these are colleges right?). Teams like Boise St., Utah, and TCU are kept from playing in the tradition rich prestigious bowls for big money. What kind of money? Well according to gossip rag otherwise known as the New York Times, in 2008 the BCS conference teams split 117 million dollars between themselves and the mid majors split 18 million between themselves. Now that is slightly bigger difference than the one between your paycheck and your female coworkers. If complaints about women deserving the same paycheck despite their blatant lack of testicles are considered valid then surely Boise State should not be judged by the color of their field but by the merit of their team.

It's no more of an insult to football than Lane Kiffin.

The one thing everyone can agree on is...

The BCS is not a fair system for determining a national champion. There are 120 teams in the FCS (formerly Division-1) and the BCS only matches up two of them. No one believes the BCS is fair and a playoff is coming, it is just not going to change overnight or even in the next decade. The term 'mid-major' will become obsolete eventually, but not for a few more years. The BCS is an insult to any fan of sports by existing as a broken system when a playoff is waiting in the wings. But if the idea of suffering through 10-15 more years of having no playoff seems unbearable take solace in the fact that there is still a very simple and easy way for college football to adopt a playoff as soon as next year. All it will take for a playoff to be put in place is for university presidents, athletic directors, conference commissioners, and a few spare other rich people with distinguished titles to make fairness a higher priority than making boatloads of money. Thank god this is America.

I'll see you at the 2011 playoffs!