Every psycho wants a different thing, but all of those things fall into pretty similar categories. Though each has their own flavor, they're all fairly horrific. And by fairly, we mean exceedingly.




Just The Facts

  1. There are many kinds of psychopaths. You've dated most of them.
  2. The term itself is very often misused. Let's misuse it some more.
  3. The man in the third picture is right outside your door. Right now.

The Real Meaning

So there's this guy, right? He thinks he knows a thing or two about psychopaths and he made a little chart to let you know if you are one, based on observable traits. If you must look at it in the links on the bottom--be warned! Just as Web MD has a habit of convincing you of your all-but-certain Xeroderma Pigmentosum because you have freckles and like being outside, this chart could affect your paranoia. To discern, does the following Wikipedia snippet apply to you?:

"Since psychopaths frequently cause harm through their actions, it is assumed that they are not emotionally attached to the people they harm; however, according to the PCL-R Checklist, psychopaths are also careless in the way they treat themselves. They frequently fail to alter their behavior in a way that would prevent them from enduring future discomfort.

In practice, mental health professionals rarely treat psychopathic personality disorders as they are considered untreatable and no interventions have proved to be effective."

If so, you might had better hop on down to the nearest psychiatric hospital and pick out a nice, quiet room.

Just a thought.

The Common Meaning

Okay, so the meanings are pretty close.