50 Greatest Movie Villains

Throughout the history of movies, many great villains have struck a chord with the viewers. The American Film Institute has recently selected the top 50. Hide your children.

We all know who the best movie villain really is.

Just The Facts

  1. The American Film Institute's list of the 50 greatest movie villain.
  2. Chances are you will be pissed by the absence of a certain Doctor Evil. Deal with it.
  3. If you actually manage to read this entire topic, you need to get laid. Seriously.

#50- Alonzo Harris from Training Day

Some of you may have been unaware, but Denzel Washington is something of a badass.

-Some of you may have been unaware, but Denzel Washington is something of a badass.

Training Day is one of the ultimate cop films. It gives us Alonzo Harris, the apotheosis of all corrupt officers. In the course of one day- Just 1 fucking day- Harris steals drug money, steals marijuana, tortures a mugger, threatens Snoop Dogg, and threatens a fellow cop by forcing him to take PCP. Best of all, when he is killed he is givena hero's shoutout and is presumably remembered as a purely honorable cop. Clearly, Denzel knows his shit.

#49- Auric Goldfinger from Goldfinger

No...not Goldmember

No...not Goldmember.

There we go.

There we go.

What makes our good friend Auric such a BAMF? How about his complete grasp of the true nature of economics. Goldfinger happens to have more gold than an early 1980's pimp, but it just isn't enough. So his evil plan is to blow up all the gold at Fort Knox, making his gold worth a butt ton more money. Sure it sounds retarded, but your typical wall street enthusiast still can't resist a mild orgasm while watching this movie. Goldfinger's entire personality can be boiled down to his classic line. James Bond asks him "Do you expect me to talk?" Goldfinger says "No: I expect you to die."

#48- Verbal Kint from The Usual Suspects

The rare shot of Kevin Spacey's hair.

The rare shot of Kevin Spacey's hair.

Don't you just hate it when you bring in a witness to a massive killing who is faking cerebral palsy? And don't you hate it when he creates a truly believable story on the spot? And there is nothing worse at all than discovering that he is actually the guy he was testifying against. But the worst part of all is that you completely bought his story and released him into the world. Curse you, Kevin Spacey.

#47- Tony Camonte from Scarface

It seems your little friend was no match for my contemplative stare.

It seems Pacino's little friend was no match for my contemplative stare.

The AFI selected Paul Muni, the original Scarface, rather than Pacino, because Muni's Camonte was much more badass. He manages to succesfully seduce his boss's girlfriend, which is somewhat frowned upon in the 1930's mobster society. He then goes on to kill his brother in law...just because he's Tony Fucking Camonte. He ends his succesful run by being killed in what is no doubt the greatest shootout of all time. Pacino managed to do all of that, just less so.


#46- Hans Gruber from Die Hard

His main mistake: holding a gun to John McClane's wife's head.

His main mistake: holding a gun to John McClane's wife's head.

Here's a word of advice. If you ever happen to be attending a party at Nakatomi Plaza, and you are not Bruce Willis, and you see Alan Rickman creeping around, get the hell out of there. Gruber is famous for the most brilliant robbery plan in history. What's worse than a gang of robbers? A gang of terrorists. Gruber wants to steal $640 million dollars from a high security vault, and disguises himself as a terrorist while holding the entire building hostage. The only problem is that Bruce Willis happens to find the situation less than laughable. So Gruber uses the ultimate bargaining chip: Bruce's wife. Damn.

#45- The Joker from Batman

The reason that babies cry.

The reason that babies cry.

Because the Best Villains survey was taken in 2003, Heath Ledger had not yet portrayed the Joker. Wishing to avoid a time paradox, the AFI instead chose the Jack Nicholson version. Jack's Joker was more similar to the campy comic book version, but still managed to retain his absolute darkness. Because he enjoys fucking with our heads so much, the Joker's plan was to slip a chemical into various food and health products that made people die with a big grin on their faces. However, his darkest moment is still the scene where it is revealed that the Joker was the one who killed young Bruce Wayne's parents. That...that's just screwed up, man.