The 5 Most Vastly Overrated Aspects Of Pop Culture. Ever.

Every now and again, we find things that deserve the mountains of praise they get. Heath Ledger. Landing on the moon. Me. But every now and again we see something that makes us sit back and say "Why?"&

Oh, and Pixar. Can't forget Pixar.

5- Manga

Manga: Because nerds needed to masturbate BEFORE the internet was invented.

The Phenomenon

Manga are Japanese comic books. While Cracked would have you believe that everything that comes from Japan is extremely demented/appealing exclusively to people with horrifying fetishes, manga occasionally manages to stray from this area.

An interesting thing to note about Manga is how you read it backwards, instead of how in a traditional comic you read it the normal way. Apparently this has convinced millions of teenagers that manga is "original" and more worthy of reading than Western comics. It's like they think the Japanese shit gold bricks. This is not true, and a quick Google search will show you that the Japanese shit just like the rest of us.

Seriously. Search for it. I dare you.

Why it's Overrated

Look at the three pictures below.

Ok, now stop masturbating. No, seriously, stop. They're just drawings.

If I told you that three different artists had drawn those, would you believe me? I honestly can't tell if they are or not. I'm not a racist or anything, but I truly believe all Japanese comics look the same. (Hee Hee, get it? Because it's like.... well, I think it's funny.)

Anyway, comics should be original in both art AND story, and while I could go in a passionate speech on how manga is harmful to the comic book industry, I frankly don't have the time, and no one really gives a fuck.

4- Chuck Norris.

The Phenomenon

Chuck Norris. Or more specifically Chuck Norris jokes. Now, I should mention that this has nothing against Chuck Norris. I dont want to end up like Brian.

"Fuck you, you lil' bitch"

Why it's Overrated

Okay, yes, at first the jokes where funny. It was a new thing. Everyone was trying to some up with a new one. An official Chuck Norris jokes website was even put up. But now its 2010. 5 whole years since the first Chuck Norris jokes were spread on the internet. Lets just go ahead and face it. Any possible scenario you could use to make a new joke has already been done. "Chuck Norris isnt scared of Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden is scared of Chuck Norris." Yeah, well done. Very original.

3- Superman

Superman: Because winners don't do drugs.

The Phenomenon

Superman is a bullet-proof superhero who embodies everything that is good with society. He has some weaknesses, but they never kill him.

Why it's Overrated

Because Superman is a bullet-proof superhero who embodies everything that is good with society, not to mention the fact that he has some weaknesses, but they never kill him.

Kill him! Kill him! Yes, that little fucker's- GOD DAMN IT!

2- Avatar

The Phenomenon

Avatar is the world's highest grossing film ever. Now this might hold some weight, however other notable films that also made it on to the "top grossing list" include such gems as Spider-Man 3, Star Wars Ep I and Ice Age.

Yeah... This was worth $886,686,280.

Why It's Overrated

Now, I'm not saying for a second that Avatar was a bad film. Quite the opposite in fact. Avatar used leading edge technology to create amazing characters and environments. The acting wasn't half bad either. But seriously, it wasnt a good story. A film can be as visually stunning as possible but without a good plot behind it, all you have is a bunch of giant blue Indians with tails.

"So is it a good story?" "Who cares? I made a shit ton of money!"

Also, the world's "best" film ever shouldn't have nearly as many plot holes as it did. At least 3 times Jake was told that you couldn't breath the air on Pandora because of the lack of oxygen. Any one with a basic understanding of chemistry would then beg the question "Um... But if theres no oxygen how can there be giant explosions?" During a scene with the movies main antagonist and Jake, it is alluded that there is a different gravity on Pandora. However, it doesn't actually do anything, making the whole conversation irrelivent. As many people have already stated, the main plot behind Avatar is just a mix of Braveheart,

I'm not saying that Avatar was crap. I'm just saying it didn't deserve all the attention it was given.

1- Twilight

"God allowed this to happen" Is the main argument used by modern atheists.

The Phenomenon

We all knew we'd have to talk about this so lets just get it over with. Twilight is without a doubt the single most overrated piece of garbage that ever had the balls to call itself literature. It is equal first on the list of things people hate the most in the world. The other thing is Justin Bieber.

Oh yes. I went there.

Why It's Overrated

You can whine and bitch about how "The Twilight series is this generation's best achievement" but in reality, all it is is:

A) A socially awkward guy.

B) A socially awkward girl.

C) Another socially awkward guy with a stunning body.

D) Guy A is a vampire and guy C is a werewolf.

I mean seriously, a very brief synopsis of the story is: Girl meets guy. Guy tries to eat girl. Girl falls in love with guy. Girl nags guy into making her into a vampire. Guy thinks girl has died. Guy tries to kill himself. Girl meets another guy (with a stunning body) Guy fights with guy. Guy A gets girl. Guy C falls in love with Guy A and girl's baby. (Again for emphasis) He falls in love with their BABY.