Side Project

For starters it must be understood that because a side project is capable of existing at the exact same point in the time space field as the real bands from which they are composited many theorist question whether or not they truly exist at all.

Just The Facts

  1. A side project should not be confused with a solo album or a super group even though they're basically the same thing
  2. Side projects exist within a peculiar sub-realm of music between known and unknown that makes it impossible to tell if they suck or not
  3. The only side project to ever share the exact same name as a previous band is Axl Rose's Side project called Guns N' Roses name in tribute to an early band that Axl was a part of which was called Guns N Roses
  4. It is often disputed, but Pearl Jam was a side project launched after the break up of Mother Love Bone
  5. Side projects contain anti-musicions and inverted rocktoms which defy the entire body of established rock music physics

The Quantum Theory of Why Side Projects exist in at least a dual state for the entirety of their existence

Ya know how some famous actors like to take a outside of their usual type of character? And the way it sometimes succeeds astoundingly and other times fails miserably? Think of that and replace actors with rock stars... which makes each band like a movie.