Fat People

At some point in your life you will ses a fat person. You might even be a fat person. Most fat people will reject the fact that they are fat.

This is a fat person...and a nerd.

This is my girl friend...she is not fat.

If your fat you would'nt be reading this.

Just The Facts

  1. Fat people weigh alot.
  2. When bad things happen to fat people it is funnier than when it happens to normal people.
  3. Most fat people will insist that they are juat big boned.
  4. A T-Rex is big boned, you`re just fat.
  5. If your fat you`re still looking at that doughnut picture.

Fat People and You

America is the third fattest country in the world. If you live in America you have most likely seen a fat person, especially if you live in Mississippi. If you live in Colorado you probably just think fat people are a myth, like elves and eskimos. Well the fact is that fat people aren't a myth, in fact It's becoming a problem. But hey, that does'nt mean we have to go out and kill all the fat people. But this does mean you should seriously start using as fucking stair stepper or something.

What To Do?

Like I just said use a goddamn stair stepper, or at least stop putting cheese on everything, yes cheese is bad for you. Just cause you have a salad(covered in dressing like I know you do)does not mean you`re going lose weight(seriously hace you ever actually seen whats in ranch dressing?). The secret to losing weight? Motherfuckin' Genes! Yeah you could exercise and shit but in the end it come to how good your parent's, or the mail man's, genes are. So good luck if you're dad was a chub chaser.

Chub Chasers

A chub chaser is someone who likes fat chicks, or guys. Seriously the exist, most porn sites(not that I would know or anything) have a fat section. So enjoy thinking of that next time you and Palmala Handerson are on a date.