Super Group

Since Rock Stars are like super heroes without powers, try to imagine a team of heroes made up of JLA members and Avengers members... getting drunk, fucking up cities and being loved for it.

Just The Facts

  1. Super Groups are complex combinations of famous musicians from at least two famous bands
  2. The best super groups are when one band loses the biggest asshole and replaces him with an asshole from another band
  3. Not to be confused with a side project, or a solo band even though they're the same thing.
  4. Current studies show that only 5% of people in rock music supergroups have actual super powers

Super Group mathematics

The following is the minimum requirement for a super group. C=Famous Band, N = New Name, U = Unlikelyness Factor, T = Top billable member, A = Asshole who left the band

(C1 - A1) + (A2 - C2) x (U / T) = N

Yes we expect you to solve this. Get a pencil and start crackin