Richard Feynman

NOTE: A WORK IN PROGRESS. Richard Feynman is known for his drug experiences, bongo playing, avid sex life, and a nobel prize in physics.

Los Alamos Radiation is seen clearly in this late portrait of Feynman.

Just The Facts

  1. Won the 1965 Nobel physics prize after witnessing someone drop their lunch

In Defense of Strip Clubs

If you've ever been to a strip club with your friends, you know how to handle the aftermath - just leave out that detail about slipping "Pre-op Joanie" a fifty for a handjob and sweet nothings. Your visit to the strip club isn't the sort of detail that should be publicly announced on, say, Facebook, where your boss and your mother will leave you voice mail and a pink slip before you recall what day it is.

Richard Feynman's another kind of character. He frequented strip clubs quite often, and he even enjoyed the atmosphere to scrawl his ground-breaking physics on napkins. The next time your girlfriend suggests a study date at the library, convince her that you do your best work with a margarita on the rocks and two legs around your head.

When Los Angeles decided to outlaw strip clubs a while back, one such club sent out pleas among its regular patrons to testify before a court of law to keep the strip club in business. Nearly everyone who was contacted denied association or refused to testify at the trial, except Richard Feynman. His argument? That people often need a place to escape to, even to do their work.