Duck Tape

No one can deny Duck Tape is awesome. What other material can solve all your problems? The uses of duck tape are only limited by ones imagination and amount of duck tape your have. If someone says somethings impossible, they haven't used enough tape.

Just The Facts

  1. Duck Tape will solve most, if not all, problems.
  2. Do to the wonders of technology it now comes in a variety of colors instead of just traditional silver.
  3. It is the definition of joy. One can not be sad if duck tape is within reach.

There Are Many Everyday Uses

The question that comes to mind is "What can duck tape do?", when a more accurate question is, "What can't duck tape do?". The many uses are only limited by ones imagination. Need to fix a leaky pipe? One strip, no problem. Need your girlfriend to shut her yap so you can get some peace and quiet? A quick strip over her mouth and you get that much needed silence. Your hostages keep trying to flee? a couple strips around the hands and ankles reduce them to caterpillars.

"or you can use more. your choice"

But these are only simple every day uses. What happens when you get more creative? You start to have a lot more fun thats what.

Extraordinary Uses

Now admit it. You too have thought of duck taping your sister to the ceiling.

she had it coming

But duck tape has come far from conventional uses and become more mainstream.

As duck tape is becoming more popular, the creative uses have exploded. Duck tape is being used to make every thing from wallets to handbags to clothing. There is even a college scholar-ship awarded to the most creative prom out-fits made out of the wonderful tape.

"because normal suits are boring"

Sure clothes and wallets are cool but what you all really want is some real crazy shit right?

Crazy Shit

Duck tape is more durable than some people believe. Why else would it be everyones go to tool when you need to stick one and two together? The strength of duck tape is ridiculous. When used correctly it will do things like...

hold your fucking car in the air

fix your fucking plane after a fucking bear attack

pimp yo ride!

you can be fucking iron man

But like i said this is only the tip of the iceberg. Instead of fixing a plane why not just build a new fucking plane? There is no end to the possibilities. You could, right now, go grab a roll and change the world!

or just make your girlfriend some new clothes. Your choice.