Mad Cow Disease

Mad Cow Disease: Sounds like some cheap marketing gimmick that's peddling "radical awesome-burgers" in a McDonald's happy meal aimed at the "tween" demographic. It's anything but that.

This is your brain on cow.

Just The Facts

  1. Mad cow disease is nasty, just face it.
  2. Mad cow disease isn't just for cows any more.
  3. Scrapie, Kuru, Creuzfeld-Jakobs, etc.

Mad Cow Disease: It's not just for breakfast any more. . . .

One doomsday scenario not mentioned in Robert Brockway's book is something which may well be incubating within every non-vegetarian on the planet, thanks to tainted beef.

Cannibalism is the main cause: Kuru; Mad Cow Disease (from cows unwittingly eating other cows); C-J cause unknown

Prions not living

Reproduce like "Ice-9."