Matt Damon

Matthew Paige Damon, a name as such would sound like a sickly child with a severe identity crisis. Thenagain, use Matt Damon and a few manlier images might emerge in healing your mental hemorrhaging from the thought of his actual name.

The bromance that lead to an Oscar

The dropout!?

An unlikely possibility? Why we're glad he did dropout...

Just The Facts

  1. Is the real-life best friend of Ben Affleck: at some point, we all wonder who really looks up to whom?
  2. Dropped out of Harvard to pursue acting.
  3. Won an Oscar.
  4. People always drop out of Harvard and become famous.

Who is he?

Having been born in Boston to a tax preparer and a college professor might have meant that he could indeed get admitted to Harvard and become a self-promoting Trump, but instead Matt Damon dropped out of the so-called greatest school to pursue a career that requires even more self-promotion: acting.

Even though his first movie is goes by the name of Mystic Pizza, one is left to ponder what other non-culinary charms set off his career in later on to make him such a heart-throb.

His best friend:

the ture poser

The true poser His best role to date: axe effect: beat Ben

His best role to date: axe effect; beat Ben

the guy who beat him

Guys, be ready to cry!!

Are you weeping yet??

The Chronicles of Damon:

Good Will Hunting: 1997

The movie that got him an Oscar... Ben�s not even on the cover!!

You should always make just ONE good movie with your best friend so that your career can jump off and you actually make really good films. Something that Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler needs to be told.

The Talented Mr. Ripley: 1999

Somehow they got more attention... hmm, I wonder why?

The Bourne Trilogy: 2002-2007
Playing the amnesiac assassin, Jason Bourne, one truly gets that maybe there is date the best movie series he should thank the Gods for casting him in.
beats the talented Mr. Bond anytime
The Ocean's trilogy: 2001-2007
adding one theif a movie if one already has ten.