Voodoo is amazing. And amazingly divisive.

Ah, Hollywood.

Just The Facts

  1. Voodoo is a peaceful, joyful celebration of life and death. Officially
  2. It is the Hollywood's go to religion for the strange and evil. Hack writers and the Enquirer love it too.
  3. Zombies.

OK, What the fuck is it?

Well, like Christianity, over the years it has split into a few subcults.

West African Voodoo

The original and still the best, despite it's complete lack of zombies and blood sacrafices.

Lousiana Voodoo

What you get when you mix Vodun with French swamp dwellers. Not a pretty sight, but again, no zombies. There are enough shambling, dead eyed souls in Louisiana already.

Haitian Voodoo

Pathetic Loser Voodoo