Anarchism is a political ideology which may not be ideal. An anarchist will normally list bomb making as his major hobby, and he or she can be seen in department stores trying on balaclavas. An anarchist will not have access to a working toilet.

Just The Facts

  1. Anarchists rarely bathe before a demonstration
  2. No anarchist has ever become a US President
  3. The black flag of the anarchist is normally made by a doting grandmother

The Typical Anarchist

Anarchism is one of the great religions of the Western World, and an anarchist will normally have an A symbol, in a circle, tattooed on his or her forehead, as a sign of allegiance to the great god Anarchy.

The followers of Anarchy are devout - and fearsome. On demonstrations they will display their zeal by taunting the Police, smashing windows, carrying black flags, and eating salads. Because of their non-washing tendencies, an anarchist can easily be detected by the Police round corners.

Small children are warned by parents that if they don't behave: "You'll become an anarchist." Notoriously a bit naughty, anarchists tend to like hardcore thrash music, and have never bought a song that has made the Billboard Hot 100.

The normal anarchist, on their own, are normally nice people, and only in the collective noun for anarchist gatherings, the johnnyrotten, does their propensity for trouble making get ignited. Johnnyrottens have been particularly violent in Europe in recent years, and timid institutions like banks have often been left helpless against the full force of the unwashed young men and women, with their celery rights mentality.

So what does the future hold for anarchy? The future for anarchism is uncertain. Many anarchists will become bankers and forget that they were ever anarchists. Other anarchists, after years of narcotics, will just forget. But, without the role of anarchism in society, there would indeed be anarchy.