Spider-Man 2099

In the year 2099, corporations rule the Earth, law enforcement watches everything you do, and cracked.com has been outlawed. From this atmosphere, a hero arises. (And no, it isn't Michael Swaim.)

With 2099 power comes 2099 responsibility.

Just The Facts

  1. In 1992, Marvel Comics came up with the idea of imagining the future of the Marvel Universe.
  2. Marvel decided to go with the year 2099.
  3. Since Spider-Man was the top Marvel superhero, one of the first comics in the 2099 line was "Spider-Man 2099."
  4. The first issue ran on November 1992, and the final issue, # 46, ran August 1996.

In the Beginning...

The world of 2099 is a corporate-run totalitarian state--like Blade Runner, but without the Vangelis soundtrack. One of the largest corporations is Alchemax. And at this company works the insanely brilliant geneticist Miguel O'Hara. His main focus is the "Corporate Raider" program: devising/constructing a super-human who can invade other corporations and fuck their shit up sideways. One idea for such a raider: Spider-Man. He figures out how to merge the DNA of a human and a spider. But in a twist of fate that every comic book reader could see coming from a mile away, he ends up being subjected to the gene-splicing, and ends up with the very spider powers he tried to design.

Miguel takes stock of his kickass powers.

Those powers/modifications include: talons (for clinging to walls), fangs (which can release a toxin that temporarily paralyzes whoever gets bit), accelerated vision, organic web spinnerets, and the proportionate nipples of a spider.

This super-power is not officially endorsed by the Marvel Comics Group.

As a result of the gene-splicing, the half-Mexican, half-Irish Miguel O'Hara becomes half man, half spider. The specific breakdown turns out to be 12 % Mexican Man, 34 % Irish Man, 37 % Mexican Spider, 15 % Irish Spider, and 2 % high-fructose corn syrup.