Marilyn Manson

Most awesome singer ever!

it's not as hard as you think

he dosen't look that bad

Just The Facts

  1. He is one of the only guys that look good in makeup, the other guys are Alice Cooper and KISS
  2. He also made a few awesome albums
  3. No, he is not gay
  4. Yes he does have a girlfriend
  5. In fact, he calls him self the god of fuck

All the Serious, boring information (unless your girlfriend is a fan, skip this part)

Marilyn Manson (aka Brian Warner) is a shock rocker. The stage name Marilyn Manson is Marilyn Monroe+Charles Manson. He (with his band of the same name) had made 6 studio Albums. They makes Industrial not goth metal. There is no point in asking who is in the band because the lineup changed a lot during the years, Marilyn Manson is the only long term member.

His first album Portrait of an American Family is pretty much 1 CD of noise, impossible to understand lyrics, and swearing. Also, there was a lot of back masking .(see the topic on Urban legends apparently, he doesn't know that it does not work)

Antichrist Superstar is an album that is actually worth listening to. It's Marilyn Manson's second album, and it is AWESOME. At the time, he seemed really badass.

After Antichrist Superstar came Mechanical Animals. He ruined his badass reputation with this album. Instead, he seems like a insane homosexual. Although there was a few good songs in this album.

Holy Wood is Marilyn Manson's fourth album. Nothing I can say about it. Although I think the cover is way more awesome than the cover for Mechanical Animals.

And the other albums aren't that good, except a few good singles like this is the new shit.

If you want more serious information go to the websites provided links section, the information here is designed to help you survive a date with a girl that likes him.

The Marilyn Manson formula for a badass music video

Step 1: Pick song ( for example: Heart shaped glasses)

Step 2: Add sex, but it still has to fall in the "art" category instead of the porn category

This is still art

Step 3: Act it out (click Here to view the uncensored version on a Chinese site, click here to view the censored version on Youtube)

Step 4: Send it to places like China �porn is Illegal in China), its the closest to porn they can get. Although they wont pay you, masturbating to your video will become the national pastime, making you extremely well known.

Step 5: Make lots of money selling merchandise to idiots in china ( Smuggled Marilyn Manson collectibles sells better then KISS merchandise+Metallica merchandise)