Gorilla199 is what happens when Mel Gibson and a born-again Christian have a kid and they left him alone for a couple hours with the Internet.

Just The Facts

  1. He has one of the most popular channels on YouTube
  2. He believes everyone is either a Freemason, an alien, or a lizard man (or all three)
  3. Was a drug addict in his teens and was then diagnosed with schizophrenia


Chris Constantine, otherwise known as Gorilla199, was your run of the mill internet whack job until 2008, when he came out with this video:

This one video launched Chris into the spotlight of the internet and was forever known as "That Fucking Lunatic." In the video, he says that the Large Hadrons Collider was actually built by the Freemasons to make a gateway to Satan ... who lives on planet Nebiru ... with lizard men. If that makes absolutely no sense to you, then congratulations, you're not suffering from a massive brain hemorrhage.
For the past three years Chris has been posting videos like that with his wife Louise. Together, they travel the world in search of these leagues of satanic space lizards.

Pictured above: Devil worshiping alien

Chris's "proof" come from only the most "credible" sources and his "evidence" is completely "undeniable". I would keep going, but my sarcasm button broke so I'll just end by saying that he's batshit insane. All his evidence boils down to shapes on buildings and shit that sort of look like UFO's and his theories are so ridiculous that they make Tom Cruise look like a functioning member of society.

According To Chris

  • Over 20% of the population is a Freemason and they control 99% of the worlds businesses
  • Anything shaped like a pyramid or a ring is a UFO landing platform

  • If it has a 6 or a semicircle anywhere in it, it's part of the conspiracy
  • Angels are really aliens that had sex with humans

Chris's sole mission is to find these alien Freemason lizard men (called Tares) and prevent them from taking over the world. He does this with the help of backwards logic, guitar solos, Bible verses and Photoshop.

Chris knows these facts because of the many clues that the Freemasons leave out in the open (as though a secret society is incapable of keeping a secret). Chris also offers many helpful tips so that you too can spot them out:

This goes on for like 20 pages


Above all else, Chris is a born-again Christian, so he's legally required to deny the existents of scientific facts. So he takes time out of his hectic schedule of stopping the Tares to point out all the illogical stuff scientists (known as Satanists) try to tell you. Instead, Chris uses his own brand of science because if it's not in the Bible, IT NEVER HAPPENED, like how:
  • Rockets don't work in space
  • Evolution is a lie
  • The Ice Age never happened
  • You can't turn a bone into a fossil
  • The sun and the moon are the same size
Science, according to Chris, is really all lies invented by the Tares to distract you from God. Just to show how insane that idea is, here's an actual quote from the man himself: "Man has never been to the moon because God said so." Truer worlds have not been spoken.
Pictured above: Pure, unadulterated Satanic evil
Chris shares his knowledge of the global conspiracy the Tares, Satan and the Freemasons with the world on YouTube (which is weird because, according to his logic, they control YouTube). Long story short, everyone is a lizard and a Freemason and from space. If you disagree with Chris, you are automatically a Freemason, just like the 2883 people he blocked from his channel. With that in mind, I'm going to risk being called out as a conspirator and say this again (and I'll link each word to a hyperlink of one of his vide so you'll understand): CHRISCONSTANTINEISBATSHITINSAIN.