Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle (also known as the Devil's Triangle) is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Triangle's been blamed for making hundreds of planes and ships disappear.

Map of the Triangle


Just The Facts

  1. The Triangle is believed to be responsible for downing more aircrafts than the Red Baron on speed.
  2. Has more than a dozen theories regarding how it works, including human error, instrument malfunction, aliens, ghosts, and the for the hell of blowing things up.
  3. There are no icebergs in the vicinity.

The Bermuda Triangle: A movie plotline just waiting to be abused (some more)

The last thing humanity could ever need would be another boat related drama starring some former heartthrob which dredged the bottomless pit of teenie bopper angst. But like it or not, the Triangle has been held responsible for the disappearance of ships since 1750.

Because "Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle" was too cliche.

Did I mention that the Triangle's responsible for fucking over the War of 1812? The most notable ships to disappear included the General Gates, Hornet, Insurgent, Pickering, Wasp, Wildcat and Expervier, which carried the Peace Proposal which would have ended the war early.

The Bermuda Triangle ate my Peace Proposal

The Bermuda Triangle ate my Peace Proposal.

So what is this Triangle Thing anyways?


I FEEL THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody knows what's up with the Triangle, only that for some reason people just like to disappear or get lost there. The area's attracted so much attention that it even prompted an Inquiry from the Coast Guard.

Triangle writers have used a number of supernatural concepts to explain the events. One explanation pins the blame on leftover technology from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis.


$10 bet that it's the Golden Penis of Power.

The Triangle Explained

So what's up with the Triangle... no really. We know the Black Pearl isn't to blame and there's no such thing as a hole in the middle of the fucking ocean devouring everything.

The Compass that doesn't point North, but instead points to what you desire the most was probably someone's bullshit reason to get laid after forgetting his girlfriend's birthday present and turned up at her door with his old broken boyscott compass.
The "Compass-that-doesn't-point-north, but-instead-points-to-what-you-desire-the-most" was probably the brainchild of some guy who showed up empty handed to his girlfriend's birthday with nothing more than his broken boyscout compass.

The explanation is simple (and really completely retarded).

  • Compass Variations: Yes the Triangle has been known to have areas of weirdness where Compasses like to spin. But no news there. Compasses have been known to act strange in areas where there's high deposits of iron or other minerals. What does this mean? There's about 2000 areas in the US alone that have been known to cuase the same phenomenona.
  • Ships disappearing? I just call it plain ol' human bullshit. Human error was the reason for Flight 19s disapperance. But nobody wants to brag about how their great Grand daddy couldn't figure out how to callibrate their own compass, it sounds WAY COOLER at show and tell to tell everyone that GrandPa disappeared into the Triangle.
  • Nothing spectacular about the Triangle: The Triangle's an incredibly popular shipping location, traversed daily by ferries, cruse lines, Disney Pirates and the works. So it shouldn't be surprising if a few ships disappear from there every once in a while.