Pogs were a short lived fad in the mid-90s. It involved throwing a small heavy disc, called a Slammer, on top of a stack of cardboard circles, called POGs. The game was popular with grade schoolers and other stupid people.

Just The Facts

  1. POGs were caps to a bottled drink of the same name.
  2. POG stands for Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava.
  3. Although it sounds like some weird thing to come out of Japan this was 100% American grown stupidity.
  4. Many schools banned the game due to it being a form of gambling.

How the game was played

POGs was a devilishly simple game. It took about ten seconds to learn. For those who are unfamiliar here is a breakdown of the rules:

1. Two players each put three to five POGs into a stack between them.

2. Players take turns throwing their Slammer onto the stack, sending the POGs flying.

3. The player then takes any POGs that landed face down.

4. The other player takes his turn. This continues until the stack is completely gone.

5. The players then form a new stack and continue playing.

6. Brian Turner sees us playing and asks if he can play as well.

7. Within two minutes we have robbed Brian of all his POGs.

8. Brian Turner cries because he wants his POGs back. Says that they are his brothers and that he didn't know we were playing for keeps.

9. After we refuse Brian runs off and tells the teacher.

10. The teacher makes us give back the POGs. The next day we aren't allowed to play POGs at lunch anymore.

11. No one goes to Brian Turner's birthday party because he's a dick.

POG items

POGs was a simple game with only a few pieces. They could be bought anywhere from convenience stores, card shops, or even special POG Stores. When I imagine people pouring their life savings into opening a store catering to POGs I can't help but giggle.

1. POGs: These were cardboard disks about two inches in diameter. On one side there was a picture featuring characters from Power Rangers, Simpsons, or anything else they could get licensed. Each POG cost between a quarter and three cents. Anyone who paid more than three cents for a POG shouldn't be allowed to vote.

2. Slammers: These were heavy disks used to flip POGs over. Fifty cents could get you a cheap plastic Slammer but if you showed up with one of those to my game you'd be better off just handing over those POGs right away. No, you needed a cast metal POG to play at my level. Sure it cost a little more after winning 800 POGs it paid for itself.

3. POG Case: These were plastic tubes to hold your POGs. It resembled a bong.

The Fad

It is said that the candle that burns brightest dies quicker or something like that. POGs burned very brightly and managed to last about a month before fading away as quickly as they appeared. I'll admit that the game was stupid but there has been much worse thing to become popular in America. Think about it. Since the fall of POGs we've gotten Beanie Babies, Virtual Pets, and Pokemon Cards.