Andrew W.K.

Andrew WK is all about the party.

It's Time To Party.

In the past decade, Andrew WK has been a motivational speaker, headed two reality shows, guested on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, worked with the noise acts Realicide, Wolf Eyes and The Boredoms, and was almost murdered by Juggalos before it became cool.

However, he is still best known for his particular brand of relentless party-metal that emerged from his debut release, I Get Wet, and essentially being the real life version of Nedroid's Party Cat.

The Party Clone Wars.

One of the strangest persistent rumors about Andrew WK is that he was replaced in 2005 by an actor, or even that he was an actor the whole time and was replaced by a different actor. Much of the "verifiable" evidence provided is comparing examples from a collection of photos of AWK, of varying quality production and occasionally as far apart as a decade, and going ZOMG THERE SO DIFFERENT THEY CANT BE THE SAME GUY. Because no celebrity, and especially no musician, has ever drastically altered their appearance during their career.

Pictured: Sarcasm

Of course, there's also the recorded testimony of a bunch of anonymous sources, because fuck it why not.