Most Haunted

Death, so often the end. Living TV (possibly out of irony) dont deem it so. This British "reality" TV aimed to find definitive proof of an afterlive by drafting in expert mediums, state of the art cameras and a lack of adequate venue lighting.


Most Haunted. Apparantly.

Stock footage episode 4 series 13

Just The Facts

  1. Screened over 14 series in 10 countries. Showed a ghost once. Possibly.
  2. Presenter Yvette fielding and Director Karl Beattie are married. Death, ever the eternal aprodisiac.
  3. Uk Watchdog Ofcom declared the show was for entertainmnet purposes only after a series of complaints by viewers of a nervous disposition (who always seem to tune into the kinda shit that will ruin their day)

Most(ly not) Haunted

A Concept by husband and wife team, shot almost entirely in the dark (as everyone knows demonic entities from the fires of hell are terrified of a bit of sun) this mid week low budget National Trust advert attempted to convince the average housewife that not only was Casper "the not so housetrained "ghost knocking over all your china cat figurines and shaking your pipework, but that he had a story to tell and stately home visits to flog to depressingly bored middle aged couples. Think you ve got a faulty dimmer switch? Has your dog an unusal fixation with items of clothing you wear? Could well be Great uncle Arthur wiping his sack on your best sunday sweater whilst Chris Penn fucks with your spotlights. Could be.

Its fairly safe to say that with such low budget effects, a lame ass wardrobe and medium infighting, no self respecting apparition would ever been seen live (see what we did there) anywhere near the teams cutting edge pre 1994 camera tech. (Show stalwart Derek Acorah was fed misinformation by scientist Dr Ciaren O Keeffe -PHD in Spookolgy no less, which led to the medium with the most thinly disguised crush on the shows presenter in history getting the boot. Just a side note Del, if you fancy a fondle of a ladys sweater pillows dont pretent to be possessed by a third level lust demon named Slutfuckicus)

And so after 185 episodes, the shows lead quit to "delve further into the paranormal" and uncover the truth behind such mysteries as why are nerds unpopular and why wont God heal amputees? Surely the scientific community as a whole will no doubt feel this as a meteroic loss, whilst the spirit world can finally get on with its pensioner freakouts without fear of getting a sony handycam up its arse every wednesday evening.