Diapers, also called Pampers, poo bags, bladder Band-Aids, or genital holsters, are a globally recognized method of bladder control.

Diapers aren't just for babies.

In a pinch, diapers can also be used as a subsitute for a Sub Zero mask.

Just The Facts

  1. Diapers are used to keep human waste as close to the skin as physically possible.
  2. Regardless of age, wearing a diaper is more socially acceptable than wetting the bed.
  3. 85% of pro athletes wear diapers.
  4. Diapers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs so you can easily find one that compliments your outfit.

The Pros

Is it an undergarment? Is it a toilet? Who can be sure?

In today's world, not everyone has time to relieve themselves. Diapers offer children and adults the flexibility of not having to find a bathroom when the potty fairy strikes.

The Rock has signed a three picture deal to play the Potty Fairy in an upcoming trilogy.

The Rock has signed a three-picture deal to portray the Potty Fairy in an upcoming trilogy.

Whether you're hitting the clubs or just kicking back around the house, cloth, disposable, and the new Victoria Secret G-string diapers, provide the protection of having a Port-a-Potty strapped to your keister but maintain the sleekness of not having a Port-a-Potty strapped to your keister.

This combination of usefulness and versatility, has made diapers less of a necessary waste catcher for non-toilet trained infants, and more a stylish accessory of the incontinent and continent alike.

An incontinent wearing a diaper:

A continent wearing a diaper:

And do you think South America has a bladder control issue? Yeah right.

Irritant diaper dermatitis

Having diaper rash is like having herpes. All the fun you've had wearing the diaper has been ruined and you may never get to wear a diaper again. Unless you lie to your next diaper and say you don't have diaper rash and that disgusting discoloration and scaling is just a side effect of how aroused you are to be putting a diaper on.

The face of diaper rash...and probably herpes too.