Halloween (1978)

A 1978 Horror film Dir. by Jon Carpenter in which 6 year old Michael Myers kills his sister and is sent to an insane asylum. 15 years later he escapes and returns home to continue his rampage.

It is regarded as one of the best American horror films....

Although this is a close second...

Just The Facts

  1. Budget of $320,000 gross of $60 million
  2. There are 7 sequels, 6 of which are actually related, 2 of which somewhat live up to the origional
  3. Michael Myers is a BAMF
  4. Budget so low they had to rake up and reuse their fake Autumn leaves. As well as using a William Shatner mask painted white.

2007 Remake

Rob Zombie (yea that guy) decided to do a remake and explore more of Michael Myers childhood.....

So KISS and Jenny from Forrest Gump turn people into serial killers.

*Spoiler Alert* Zemeckis is taking the sequel in a whole new direction

*Spoiler Alert* Zemeckis is taking the sequel in a whole new direction



Michael's parents were shown as well dressed and returning from what I assume was a 1960's Halloween party full of cocaine and racist jokes


Mom was working the strip club, dancing to one of the worst stripping songs ever


He escape from mental institution is never shown


Escapes by killing Machete


After spending 15 years non-mobile in an insane asylum Michael is of normal build when he escapes


After spending 15 years non-mobile in an insane asylum he is roughly the size and strength of Jose Canseco (during steroids)

This is what 15 years of sitting around eating government Salisbury Steak does to you


One of the best horror movies of the 20th century


The best horror movie named Halloween released in 2007

Impact on Pop Culture

A) Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Black Christmas started the slasher genre and then Halloween perfected it. Halloween set the standard for the slashers that followed and kicked of the slasher craze that swept through the 80's and early 90's.

B) Launched Jamie Lee Curtis' career

3) Sequels would be the downfall of Donald Pleseance's (the guy who got paid more than the director) career.

D) Launch a bunch of dumb jokes about Michael Myers and Mike Myers

HAHA!!! There names are similar