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Many Hollywood actors are typecast. Some as action heroes, some as nerds, but only a select few get typecast as douchebags. Here are the top 5.

5. Bradley Cooper

Man, I just want to punch him!

Examples: Wedding Crashers, He’s Just Not That into You, The Hangover, The Rocker, Saturday Night Live
Why he is the perfect DB: Look at him! Tell me when you see him you do not want to punch him in the face. In an SNL sketch he played the host of a game show called “I am going to Sleep with your Wife.” That smug look on his face during the sketch makes you despise him. He has sex with these married women and feels great about it.
Biggest DB moment: When he repeatedly tackles Vince Vaughn in a game of touch football during Wedding Crashers. Why did no one stop him? If you did that once in real life, a fight would break out.

4. Dane Cook (Duh!)

"I don't mean to be a douche"

Examples: My Best Friend’s Girl, Dan in Real Life, Good Luck Chuck, Employee of the Month, Waiting, Mr. 3000
Why he is the perfect DB: Dane Cook may actually not fit this topic completely. He is not always cast as a DB, he just comes off that way in most of his movies. The best example of this is Good Luck Chuck. He is supposed to be a likeable guy, but I hated his guts. I don’t want to see him have sex with a bunch of women in one giant montage. Also, he spends half the movie stalking Jessica Alba. He is supposed to be the good guy?
Biggest DB moment: Basically the during the entire movie My Best Friend’s Girl. Cook plays Tank. Tank specializes in taking women out on bad dates to make them go back to their old boyfriends. Basically Tank is a DB on purpose. The problem is that Tank is all ready a DB. He only becomes a slightly bigger one when on the dates.

3. Will Arnett

How can you not love Gob?

Examples: Arrested Development, The Rocker, Sit Down Shut Up, Hot Rod, 30 Rock, Blades of Glory, King of the Hill
Why he is the perfect DB: Will Arnett has somehow managed to play the likeable DB. Who does not love Gob from Arrested Development? He also plays a wonderful DB in the underrated Sit Down, Shut Up.
Biggest DB moment: I have to go with his chicken dance on Arrested Development. Caw caw-caw caw-caw caw-caw!

2. Anne Ramsey


Examples: The Goonies, Throw Momma from the Train
Why she is the perfect DB: She treats everyone like crap. Tell me you did not want to kill her while watching Throw Momma from the Train. She was so mean to Danny Devito.
Biggest DB moment: Any time she yells at her son in Throw Momma from the Train. Owen!!!

1. Travis Van Winkle

What a turd!!!

Examples: Friday the 13th, Transformers, Accepted, Asylum
Why he is the perfect DB: He is the least known but the biggest DB on the list. He has the same affliction as Bradley Cooper where you want to punch him in the face every time you see him but he has is much worse. He has that I am better than you smile and he talks as such. He is every frat boy stereotype rolled into one.
Biggest DB moment: Take your pick here. I will go with when he bangs a girl with his girlfriend right outside the door in Friday the 13th. Spoiler alert: he is murdered shortly after.